Friday, November 18, 2005

Another exam down....

only 5 more to go until the end of the semester. This morning's exam was Pharmacology....asthma and the medications to treat it, microbial pathogens and a ton of antibiotics along with it. I'm hoping for a good grade. I've reviewed my notes and found a few that I may have missed. Hope the score is up this weekend.
I'm starting to pack up stuff to take home on Monday. I'm going to load up the car as much as I can and leave essentials here. I may be recycling clothes.....shhh...don't mention it if you see me!
I'm going to an NFL football game this weekend with friends. It will be my first one......should be fun and a good break from school!
Chad is home safe and sound. And of course, the cat is happy to see him! I picked up some bribe treats for the cat, just in case he forgets who I am when I get should I plant the catnip candybar toy on me???? I cannot wait to sleep in my own darn bed again. I'm not going to want to return to the crappy twin bed.
For those who watched CSI last night......I think it was the best yet.....
Ok, 4 more hours of class today, then I'm going to do laundry and study tonight. An exciting Friday night for me!

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