Sunday, November 13, 2005

Busy week...

I received the grade for my A&P exam. It was not as high as a hoped, but my average is still good and I'm still in the running. There's always a sick feeling that I just didn't do well enough and they are going to ask me to leave.....for the first week or two of school I felt that way.....that they were going to call me into the office and tell me they were sorry, but they changed their mind. They would like me to leave the program....not a good feeling. At least during the first day orientation my name tag and folder with information was there. I think I would have cried had it not been there!
I have a chemistry exam tomorrow and a pharm exam on Friday. I will be studying as much as I can. I'm the type of person who needs to take frequent breaks while studying. I get antsy if I don't. I think that's why I chose nursing as a career. You don't do much sitting, and if you do, you enjoy it because you know what can hit the fan at any moment. So, during study breaks I've read the Sunday paper, emptied my garbages (how much garbage can one person make???), folded laundry and took a shower. I bought some clarifying/mineral removing shampoo at super clearance today and used that. I'm thinking that if the sink spits out rust colored water when I'm gone for a few days, the shower is also depositing pretty rust colored bits on my hair...nothing like pretty iron orange. Plus it removes all the stuff I put in my hair to make it behave....ok, rambling.
32 days and counting.......

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