Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cold, cold, cold!

Why is it that everytime we head home to visit family, it is COLD? We are now having the lowest temperatures of the season.....when we were up in May, we were having a cold streak....30's and rainy. No fun.
Travel is going ok. No snow, thankfully.
Grades are all in. One grade is lower than I expected, but my average is good, so I'm still in the running.
Tonight we are staying at a hotel. Tomorrow we are heading to my parents. Friday will be Christmas with my family.
We had Christmas with Chad's family on Saturday. All the kids are growing up too fast.
School is going to start up again too soon.

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Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing you tomorrow Jennie, Chad too. Just think, you get to help me get ready for my colonoscopy!!! No actually, I can do that by myself. See you.
Love Mom