Friday, December 9, 2005

One more exam....

two more to go after today. I have the chemistry final today. We can bank up quite a few points on this, and replace our lowest test grade. This should help my final score.

It's cold here.....record low of 15 degrees. Yuck.

I've looked at the weather for our travels next week.....snow and highs during the day in the 20's. Now I know why Chad and I have moved south, and further south with each move. I do not like cold weather. If I could find a place with 60 to 70 degree weather year round...I'd be there.

This weekend will involve studying for the A and P comprehensive final. I will need to do better on all my previous exams to be able to drop my low score. I need to do that. I'm also going to start studying for the pharmacology comprehensive final. I'm doing ok in that class, and just need to get a mid-B to keep my grade.

I started packing last night. I need to do it a little each day. Everything should fit into the car...I will just look like a Beverly Hillbilly. Oh well, if that's what it takes to go back home!


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