Wednesday, December 28, 2005

testing my patience.

Ever have one of those days? The one where everything seems to have a glitch? Today is that day for me. I still have my cold, though I've picked up some more medications to help it move along.
My first stop of errands today was to pay my personal property tax. We are late. This state has stupid things that others states do not have, and when you move into the state from another state, they do not explain extra charges to live in this state. It's not that great of a state, either. So, I find the correct window to pay my taxes, and they only accept money order or cash. Ok, just an FYI, but not everyone in this town is a drug dealer or unemployed. And since you only accept cash or MO, my guess is a lot of this money is drug money. Ok, run to the ATM to get cash. Return to pay my amount. Part of the late charge is $3 advertising fee to print in the paper. Now if I'm late, don't you think I know that?
Ok, off to the Revenue Office to renew our car licenses. Apparently I need my assessment paper....what the hell is that??? Luckily I can call the office and they can fax it over. The assessment paper consists of claiming your personal property (car, ATV, boat, ect). We need to call every year to tell them yes, we have the same vehicles, or no, we have changed vehicles. Now, wouldn't it be more econimical to only call if there is a change in vehicle status????? Luckily my assessment is faxed in a few minutes. I explain to the woman that it is assumed new state residents know all the things that need to be complete in order to live in this lovely state. We can never seem to get things done in one trip....getting our driver's license was a treat 2 years ago....I needed to return 2 times, Chad 3 times before getting our licenses....each time for something else we needed...yet it's not written anywhere what we need! I guess you automatically know these things......
Ok, this has turned into a total vent....sorry.
But once I got home and sorted the mountains of laundry, it didn't end. I am now testing our our little Green Machine we got from my parents for Christmas.....I dumped my white mocha on the carpet.....IVORY carpet. Not sure what the previous owners were's stained and we don't even have kids! I think there will be a carpet allowance when we move....
Ok, enough bitching. My first load of laundry is done in the washer...many more to go.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie, Last time I went to the DMV in my state, I think I almost got a disorderly conduct. I had lost my license, and couldn't find my birth certificate. I needed my license and certificate to get paid for my new job.

But apparently in the rush to stop people from wrongfully getting id's they now insist that your name for the federal government, driver's license and social security card all EXACTLY match. When I got married I didn't change my social security card name, and have been using the hyphen when filing taxes. Which apparently is no longer ok. So they wouldn't give me a replacement license without my names matching, I couldn't change my name on my social security card without my marriage license, which apparently got lost in a move. I couldn't get a replacement marriage license without an id. etc, was one vicious circle.

But then I thought why don't I just use my maiden name, which would match everything, and this is where I almost got the disorderly, the DMV worker would only say you have to go to the social security office. I tried to say about my maiden name, she said, MAAM, you have to go to the social security office....Blah, Blah, Blah.

Man was I mad. So end of story, I looked harder for my license, found it, got a copy of my birth certificate, and....DIDN'T go to the social security office. I'll wait until I HAVE to do that before I give them that satisfaction.

Talk to you later..