Tuesday, December 13, 2005

two more nights and one exam...

And I'm out of here. I still can't believe that the semester is almost over....it amazes me!

Plans for the school break.....I did have a life prior to school, believe it or not!
Scrapbook (hopefully start our wedding album).
Play golf with Chad if weather cooperates.
Sleep in.
Cook! I miss that so much!
Visit family in cold, cold, cold Wisconsin for Christmas. Chad and I have allready accepted the fact that we are going to freeze our fannies....I'll be going from 60 degree weather, to 40 degree weather to who know what kind of weather...I think it's in the teens right now! Eik!!!
Bribe my cat into liking me again. He was darn right scared of me last time I went home.....
Get ready for next semester!

Ok, off to study.

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Anonymous said...

Keep focused on school till it's over--you wouldn't want daydreaming of home, husband, scrapbooking, cat, etc to hinder your academic performance!