Monday, January 2, 2006

bowl fever.

No, I'm not a big football fan, college or NFL. But I do enjoy to watch games with Chad and friends. The Wisconsin Badgers are kicking Auburn's butt right now. Good to seem them play on TV.
I caught up on my sleep....slept 12 hours last night. But woke with a fun. May be from lack of caffeine...or sleeping for 12 hours. Oh well.
Organized some scrap crap while watching the game. I want to get into the office/sCrap area later tonight to get things finished. School will be starting before we know it.....
Chad and I are heading out to pick up some groceries, stop by the new Ace Hardware store, and pick up the ham from Chad's work. He forgot to bring it home on Friday. Guess we will be having ham sometime this week, with split pea soup after with the left overs.
Hope the new year is treating you well.

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