Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Curves report.

I joined Curves workout facility December 27. I just had my one month weigh-in and measure. Luckily I've lost pounds, inches and body fat! I'm down 3 pounds, 2.5 inches, 2.53 pounds body fat and .5% body fat! Now I just need to keep it up!

A&P exam one is on Friday. I will be studying for that most of the day, along with Pharmacology and special topics in A&P. Waiting for the research project approval.....fires in the OR is the topic thus far, unless we hit a road block and can't find enough info. Scarey as it is, it does happen.

I have a fat cat on my lap, "helping" me study.....darn kids.

off to study,


Diana said...

Good for you on the weight loss! Thanks for commenting on my newness to this blog site! You're now in my favorites too!

Kim D. said...

Congrats on the loss Jennie! Girl, I'm addicted to reading through the allnurses.com nurse anesthesia threads. I need to quit reading and do more studying, hehe. Hopefully I will be applying to ASU's 2008 class. My email is kimberlydrn@yahoo.com if you have any tips/advice for me. I'm majorly determined! Good luck finishing your schooling. Hopefully I'll see you at St. Bernards some time.