Thursday, January 19, 2006

not much happening....

School is chugging along at full speed. Today I have my first special topics in A&P class. I'm trying to get a study routine down. I've been studying at home, but I think I need to start going to the university library. My cat has a problem with literacy. Everytime I sit down to read, he NEEDS to lay on the book I'm reading. I can't help it he can't read!
I'm making a roast today in the crock pot for supper. Should be yummy with all the veggies I picked up to go with it. I'm even going to use the 6 quart crock pot for the first time that we got as a wedding gift......5.5 years ago!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie,
I have been reading your Blog on and off since you started adn returned today for motivation. I started my CRNa program Jan 3rd and am feeling just a weeee bit overwhelmed. I can't seem to find a groove for studying--especially one that actually results in 'remembering' this huge enema of information my courses are dumping on pharm, physics, chemistry and physiology (15 credit hours).
Thoughts, or anything else you have to offer would help.
hang in there