Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One day down.....

almost 700 to go! No, I didn't count down the days during class...but my class mate has them counted and just calculated the days to graduation. It's less than 24 months......that's as far as I'm counting now.
Class went well. I am looking forward to this semester and am prepared to work my fanny off (I have plenty to spare, so it's a good thing).
Here's a picture of my messy but workable study space. A view from my desk chair. Fun, huh? Chad and I are going to look for a bulletin board this weekend to put on the wall so I can tack things up. Motivational thoughts and loan amounts, maybe????
Ok, need to head to bed. Going to work out at Curves tomorrow and study, study, study....need to figure out supper, too.....not sure if I need to go grocery shopping...maybe it will be split pea soup as I have all the ingredients.....
Later, jennie

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