Thursday, February 16, 2006

more to study.....

I recently read that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time....that's how I need to approach studying for my classes. There is so much to know that it is easily overwhelming, but I need to learn it. I do not have another exam until the last Monday in February, so there is time to organize, learn, make note cards, drug charts, and add to my brain book of drugs. A reader commented that he/she would like to learn more about anesthesia. A great resource for me prior to being accepted into a nurse anesthesia was (takes you right to the CRNA forum). There is a section on this message board for both practicing CRNA's and pre-CRNA. It allows those interested in anesthesia to ask questions and learn from others who have been there. It is a great resource to learn about the different schools. Very helpful site. I visit it quite frequently.
Another site to check out is This is the official site of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists. You can check out accredited programs, with links to each program. Jobs, continued ed. opportunities, what CRNA's do, ect.
Those are the two sites I used prior to being accepted into school, along with the websites of the two schools I applied to.
If there are any other questions, fire away!

Chad is making supper tonight. Sloppy joe's.....I'm not a big fan of them, but if it saves me from making supper, I'm all for it.

I think I found the village idiot for our town today. I was shopping at Kroger. Walking through the frozen food section and I smelled cigarette smoke. It was too strong to be odor from someone's clothes......and I see the village idiot.....smoking a cigarette in a store. THE FREAKING IDIOT IS SMOKING IN THE GROCERY STORE!!! A manager type person was talking to him......and I asked the manager as he walked away if he was smoking....the manager rolled his eyes and nodded yes, as the VILLAGE IDIOT took a drag on his cigarette. But, Yankee Bitch (me), gave him the "you are THE VILLAGE IDIOT" look. The rest of my shopping experience was not so pleasant....only for the fact that it ticked me off so much. ......I guess you are safe from no where if you are a non-smoker.....

Ok, back to happy news....I got my hair cut today and I got rid of a ton of hair! Feels great...but the true test will be tomorrow when I fix it myself.
And to the anonymous commenter asking who my intended audience is.....all of the above....friends, family (who live over 1000 miles away), SRNA, wannabe's....not exactly sure who reads these very interesting comments.....unless you comment! I'll try to focus more on school....... :-)

Ok, need to listen to a pharmacology lecture on inhaled anesthetics.......



Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie, I like your haircut. It does look easier to care for. I've decided to let mine grow some, I am so tired of "bedhead" every morning when I wake, I think it's just too short right now.
I got a big box of quilting fabric that I bought on E-bay today, lots of nice stuff,,, now what will I do with it??LOL

Snow here today, had to drive slow to and from work, icy but at least not too many inches of snow.

Looks like you will be getting nasty weather your way.

Keep warm, love Mom

Kim said...

cute haircut! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hey your cut is cuter than the pic!-it fits you well.

Alicia said...

Love the hair!! Very cute.