Thursday, February 23, 2006

Next contestant....

Is a pharmacology exam on Monday. This exam will cover opioids and the start of inhalation agents. Then a week and a half off and the second A&P exam.
I ordered a PDA yesterday, should be here tomorrow. I decided on the Palm T/X.......found a good price and should have enough memory to get me started. I want to learn it well before clinical starts in August. I will be able to keep track of my cases and download right to the school software, along with drug info, and other stuff. .....
My back has been killing me...probably from poor posture while studying......a massage sure would be nice......the heating pad will have to suffice for now, along with the massage in my office chair. Think I will get that going in a bit.
Hubby has a late meeting at work tonight. I expect him home in a few hours.
Until later,

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Anonymous said...


We are about in the same place over here at TCU. We have another AP test Monday and then a Pharm on opiods and local anesthetics on March 8. Our spring break is the following week.

I bought a PDA just recently also. I bought the Dell x51v. I looked around a little and liked it so i went ahead with that one. I wanted to tell you about an anesthesia program for your PDA. It is called Anesthesia Central and you can access it at

I downloaded a free trial and it seems like a very good program. It has a software bundle that includes
Davis's Drug guide, Manual of Anesthesia practice, MEDLINE journals, Pocket guide to Diagnostic tests, and Pocket ICU management.

They will give you a discount if you get enough folks in your class to sign up and purchase (of course). There are about 15 or so of us right get a 15% for 10-19 and 20% for 20+. With the 15% it is around $127, so not too bad.

Anyway, as always I enjoy reading your blog, and find it interesting to contrast and compare our current situations. I am enjoying this semester much more than last (I know....sick huh!) but it is nice to learn things that are directly applicable to the delivery of Anesthesia,,,, and not so much about Bowman's capsule, or ETS....yada yada yada!

Keep up your good work in school and we will be starting clinicals before you know it.

Jeff M....aka-jmtcurrna