Thursday, March 16, 2006

Part two: 9 years and 8 jobs later.....

I started nurse anesthesia school. Yep, you read that right.....I was a job jumper. Let's start from the beginning.

May 1997, I graduate from nursing school. Amazingly, there were very few jobs for new graduates. I ended up find a job across the state, on the Medicare wing of a nursing home run by nuns. I worked the 3-11pm shift. Love working that shift, hated that job. I applied for a job in the local hospital as soon as I passed boards. First job: 2 months. Sad, I know.

2nd job: 3-11pm shift on medical floor of the small hospital in town. Understaffed and too many patients. I was "promoted" to charge nurse shortly after starting.....why me? I was the RN with my license the longest....a whole month longer than the other NEW times. I met my now husband the week I started this job. He accepted a job across the state, so I joined him shortly after he moved. 2nd job lasted a little longer than the first. Luckily the job market was much better than when I first graduated from nursing school.

3rd job: 11pm to 7am shift on the ventilator wing in a nursing home.......HATED night shift, enjoyed learning ventilators, trach changes, ect. Applied for a job at the local hospital and moved on.....

4th job: 12 hour night shift in the CCU. My start in critical care. This is where I learned about nurse anesthesia. I was not aware of this career option....and was intrigued. This pushed me to start working on my BSN......I moved to the ICU after awhile to gain experience with lines, drips, neuro, trauma, hearts, ect. This is where I jumped in feet first and learned the ins and outs of critical care. Nurse anesthesia school was still in my plans. But I wanted to get into an OR to see if I enjoyed the

5th job: I started it shortly after our wedding. Circulating nurse in cardiovascular surgery in a top notch facility. Honestly, the best facility I have ever worked at. Even with an hour drive to work, I enjoyed going to work every day. I even got to a point where I was scrubbing, working beside the fastest surgeon....and I kept up! Ha! But, Chad received a job offer out of onto the next job.

6th job: Jobs were plentiful and the nursing shortage out numbered the position shortage. Luckily there were jobs to pick from, but few facilities to pick from. One job offer was for a clinic position.....but the starting pay was LESS than my first nursing job, 4 years I accepted a position in the ICU/step down unit of the local hospital. While the ICU was an OK place to work, step down was like the orphan of the hospital.....and patients moved in and out like a drive thru at lunch time.........At the same time, I was taking a few classes toward my BSN. slow but sure, I was going to get there.

7th job: I accepted a job in the OR of the same hospital, working days rather than nights and weekends......I worked closely with the anesthesia staff. There were 6 rooms, plus cysto. The anesthesia staff was very supportive and helpful. Until Chad accepted a job out of state.....onto the next job.

8th job: CVICU in a mid-sized facility. I continued to take classes toward my BSN...slowly moving closer. I started the job in October....applied to anesthesia school 10 months later.

What an indirect, circumvented path to anesthesia school......but, slow and steady wins the race. Today's mix of nurse anesthesia students either know that they will to apply to anesthesia school as soon after graduation from nursing school....or realize after working at the bedside for too many years, they need something else or burnout is around the corner.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's interesting! I've been called a job jumper as well. I've been a nurse 3 years and have worked 4 different departments- how else are you gonna find your niche?! I will graduate this summer with my BSN and then hopefully it's on to NA school for me as well.