Friday, March 10, 2006

Spring Break....

but no beaches, blender drinks or sunburns for me.
Actually, I've never experienced a true drunken beach vacation spring break. Not that I feel like I'm missing out. This year, midwest wineries, drunken drinking with my husband, sister and brother-in-law (Festus and Pollyanna if you must know!) will be my spring break cohorts. We are heading home on Monday, and will enjoy the time away!
It will be nice to have a break from exams. The next round will be the last week of March. One on Monday and another on Friday. I have much studying on my to do list.....but that's the norm lately.
not much else. We found a two room suite to stay for the Chad and I each have our own room with tv.......haha. We are going to head out early (after the free breakfast) to visit some friends before we meet my sister and brother in law at the first winery.....

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