Friday, April 28, 2006

another exam down.

It's so nice when an instructor tells you to put down your pencils, you don't need to know this until summer when we will cover it extensively, then puts questions on the exam covering said material........NICE way to end the semester. The good thing is there were 90 questions.
Studying for A&P. Tuesday will be here too soon.


Zac Roe said...

Hey Jennie, It's Zac here. I really feel for your test taking. I myself know the drill too. I have my fourth exams in Phys on Mon, Clinical Med on Wed, Neuro on Thur. Then next week I have the board finals in those classes on Mon, Wed, and Fri. So 6 crazy exams in 2 weeks... Am I ready?

Good luck on yours, I hope to see you around Sage this summer. Take care.

{change in plans} said...

Hey Zac,
Glad to hear from you! Good luck with exams. We will have to meet for drinks at Sage.