Wednesday, April 5, 2006


The research presentation is done.....(cheers, applause). It sucks having it before a big exam. The instructor did call a few people out to ask questions...I'm betting they were studying. That is one perk of being at a distance site and not in view of the instructor. Now just a paper to write and turn in. Most of my information is together, just need to sort it into APA format. I'm hoping one of the other group members will compile the paper.
I did notice that my blouse was a little low cut on camera. Yikes! Chad watched it with me at home (at his request). I was not trying for more points! But if cleavage helps, hey!
I need to finish going through my A&p notes tonight. I have two more sections. Then I'm heading to bed. I will review the previous units notes and the current unit notes one more time tomorrow. Chad has an appointment with a neurosurgeon tomorrow for his carpal tunnel syndrome, so I'm hoping I can review my notes while waiting (I'm just assuming there will be a wait...). I think he needs both CT released...I don't think he will do both at once. I'm willing to be his personal nurse, but will see what the surgeon suggests.
Ok, more studying then sleepy time for me.


Ryan said...

What did your research find? I thought OR fires were old news, maybe not?

{change in plans} said...

OR fires are still happening. They are not tracked, so it's hard to find out exactly what the cause if of them or if our prevention is getting better. there are 1-2 deaths per year as a result of a fire, maybe more, considering it's not required to report a fire.