Sunday, April 23, 2006


Is it from studying most of the day?
Lack of caffeine?
Staring at the computer monitor while working on the pharmacology study guide?
Wearing a headband (don't worry, I didn't leave the house today, except to get the paper and to work on the deck).

I didn't have my morning coffee. Not sure I've become dependant on caffeine (there could be worse things). I'm not dehydrated. I'm a little stressed (just a tad...). I took a couple aleve and am drinking a diet pepsi wild cherry. Hopefully my headache will subside.

I'm almost finished with the study guide. Next on the list is to finish reviewing the A&P notes. Then answer lecture review questions for pharm. Should be done with a class or two this week...not sure yet, A&P should be finished on Wednesday. Final research presentation is tomorrow. The final exam is Wednesday, then it's just waiting for the class grade. Need to keep my eye on the prize.....

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Anonymous said...

You mean you haven't been drinking your fabulous new coffee? I even considered ordering some but so seldom make coffee at home anymore. Just not your typical caffeine dependent person I guess. I wish you had made some when Dad and I were down,,, or did you? I do know the coffee you did make was very good. It's hard to believe the semester is almost over.