Friday, April 21, 2006

Official Bloggers Fuel Reviewer.

So, some anonymous reader thinks they should start a blog about the saga of the pink pants and orange hunting hat so they can get some free coffee, huh? I suspect it is my dear, precious, sister, Laura Jean the Banker. Well, my dear sister, follow these simple directions......

To start your own blog, go to Blogger home. Blogger is one of many free blog hosting sites. It is a part of Google, so hopefully there are big things in Blogger's future. Pick a name {the Saga of the Pink pants} and fill out the rest of the info. It's pretty easy. There are even a few blogs that will help you personalize how your blog looks, but I used the basic blogger design until recently. I hope to personalize my blogger more once there is a break from school.

Once your blog is ready to roll, head on over to Boca Java's Blogger's Fuel Review site.
Fill out the info, and if you post on the president's blog, it may ensure that you get a reviewer kit! It worked for me!

Here is a picture of the review kit I received from the brown truck driver today.

I will hopefully start reviewing the delightful coffee next week, as I have open beans still to use up. But, they are from Boca Java at least!

Until later....I'm recovering from some stomach/flu times for me. I got a little studying done tonight, but am taking it easy. Tomorrow will be a busy study day, for sure.



Anonymous said...

Ok...its official, I am a blogger! But I refuse to share the site with you until you apologize for sending the pink pants my way...Poor Anna won't take them off. My youngest is ruined!

{change in plans} said...

Ok, I didn't give them to mom and dad to give to you......they were for mom to enjoy while sleeping on the couch at night.....But Anna is so cute in them!