Wednesday, May 10, 2006

50 more exam questions

And my semester will be over. My last exam is at 9am. Looking forward of a short break, sleeping in, reading up on my stack of magazines, enjoying an adult beverage (or three), and just plain relaxing. I plan to scrapbook on Friday. I have some projects to finish and get into the mail. Need to do some cleaning, also. Some things just take a back seat at times. Or move on back to the trunk to be remembered when you open up the trunk.
Julio the cat helped me study today. If I didn't pet him, he's move to my hand and put his head under my hand, forcing me to pet him. Darn cat. He definately has a problem with literacy.

later, Jennie

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Zac Roe said...

There is about a 50% chance Charell and I will be in Jonesboro on Friday, If so we hope to see you at Sage. Good luck and take care.