Tuesday, May 2, 2006

another exam down.....

Three to go. Glad to have another A&P exam out of the way. Hope I did well. I feel ok about it, but it's always dangerous to contemplate with his testing style. I was able to review the pharmacology exam from last Friday. I did better than I thought on that. Today I'll study pharmacology and A&P. The final pharm exam is Friday. Final A&P exam on next Tuesday. It's a cumulative exam, so it will be a booger. And the final select topics in A&P exam is May the 11th. Can't hardly believe it. Wish me luck and keep me in your good thoughts!

Off to study,

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Zac Roe said...

I have a bunch of great pneumonics and jingles to help you out with anatomy. For instance, it's always great to remember that 'S2,3,4 keeps the penis off the floor.' A little vulgar, but I'll never forget it.