Saturday, May 6, 2006

drizzling study day.

it's been raining most of the afternoon. It's perfect nap weather, but here I am studying and enjoying some of the new white chocolate m&m's. They are yummy study food. I went grocery shopping after working out today. I think I broke two weight loss rules today. Working out on an empty stomach and grocery shopping while hungry......oh well. It's better that I exercised than not exercised and still bought the sugary snacks.
The amount of material we covered this semester in A&P is mind boggling. Still have lots of time to study. Right up until 10pm on Monday night is my prediction. That leaves lots of room for knowledge gain to ensure a spot in my summer class.
Just think, this time I will be enjoying wine with friends. Enjoying a break from school. Sleeping in! But until then, it's study time.

Later, Jennie

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