Thursday, August 3, 2006

$248 purse.

I’ve been wanting a new purse. When I check out the purses at TJ Maxx, I’m always drawn to the purses that are still over $100. Never fails. Problem is, I feel you should not own a purse that costs more than the amount of cash inside. So I hold off. I find purses on clearance or purchase gently used purses from e-bay. Well, yesterday I was browsing my local Stein mart store. Low and behold I found a great “wheatly” colored leather purse from Michael Kors. Retail price equals $248. Stein Mart Price = $148 dollars. Jennie’s price, after 75 percent off equals $37 dollars with tax! You can’t beat that.

Just had our first house showing! I spot cleaned quickly, as the showing was in 30 minutes. Then Julio the Cat and I headed for a little car ride. Now, cats aren’t real fond of car rides, if you can imagine. The journey started out with him doing his angry/scared growl meow. He settled down after a little drive. 15 minutes later, the realtor and prospective buyers drive out of the subdivision, and Julio and I take the drive back home. We have another showing tomorrow from 12:30 to 1:30, so it will be another drive for Julio and me. Luckily, once we returned home, I drove my car into the garage, closed the door, got out and opened the back car door for Julio. He went right to the door into the house. No questions asked! What a cat.

Later, Jennie


Hollye said...

Okay...let's see a photo of that bad boy!

Susie said...

Damn, I need to go get that purse too. What a deal!