Tuesday, August 1, 2006

And the winner is........

I applied to many jobs in our new location last week. I set up six interviews for this past Thursday and Friday. I received three job offers by Friday afternoon. Two offers were received before I left the interview. I will start my new job August 21st. I will be working in the cardiovascular OR. I can't wait to return to the Or. I've missed the atmosphere. I will have the opportunity to circulate and scrub cases, which I'm excited for. Call isn't terribly bad, one holiday a year and one weekend a month. I was expecting more, but am happy it isn't more.

We are hoping to find a home to purchase next week. There are potentials, on paper at least. Sometimes it's a whole new story once you are inside the house looking around!

I'll try to keep posting about our move. We seem to be getting pretty comfortable with the whole listing, moving, buying a new home, ect. It would be nice to stay put for awhile, though!

later, Jennie

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