Sunday, November 5, 2006

still around...

busy with work, life, getting settled in the new house and job. Chad and I returned to check on the old house....cleaned it up and signed with a new realtor. Hopefully it will sell, soon......I know the market is slow, but having a crappy realtor does nothing to help the situation.
We've been thinking about our Thanksgiving menu. My parents, along with Chad's nephew, Tony, and his wife, Tracy, will join us for the Thanksgiving holiday. Usually it's just Chad and I, so it will be nice to entertain!
Will post again soon, promise!
later, Jennie


kath said...

Good luck with your new realtor! Can't wait to hear that YOU'VE SOLD!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope the new realtor is better than the last.

Dad is remembering the last Thanksgiving we spent with you,,, in particular the snowstorm we went through. Can we say "getting a little nervous?" I'm still looking forward to the trip, will be nice to meet Chad's nephew and wife again.

love Mom

prazdance said...

My best friend is going through the same thing with her house. Hope your house sells real soon! Happy Holidays!