Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Sunday?

Are you watching the Super Bowl? Or at least the commercials?

This may be the one and only time we live in a city where one of the teams is from. It's exciting, but also frustrating when the entire 30 minutes of news is devoted to football news, rather than other issues. Though, it is a nice relief from crime, war and famine.

It seems the Colts are taking the lead....will it last? If it does, it will be an interesting day in Indy. Schools are already delayed two hours due to fridgid weather, some are even cancelled due to the Colts playing in the big game.

I'm off work tomorrow. Should I head downtown to welcome the team back to Indy?

I think not. I'd rather run errands and finish laundry.



Cricket said...

Congrats on your big teams big win!!

Cricket :)

Diana said...

Yea to your town! We had the big game last year but didn't have the good outcome! Oh well!