Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New layouts.

First time swinging!

First Easter, watching egg decorating.

First Easter, hiding in the bunnies!

First Easter Egg Hunt.

Meeting the scary Easter Bunny.

First Easter basket (and trying on the new sunglasses and swim gear!

First time trick or treating (if you want to call visiting daddy at work trick or treating!).

I had the joy of going to two crops within a week. The last Saturday of January, I joined some fellow Fiskateers for the first annual Illinois area crop. I think I finished seven layouts during the six hour crop, along with one altered project, meeting other ladies, eating, and other fun stuff. The following Friday, I headed to a local scrapbook store for there four hour crop. I'm not quite sure how I accomplished it, but I finished 14 layouts. My layouts are not fancy, time consuming (obviously) or publication worthy. But, they document points in our lives worthy of sharing with future generations. I try to include my handwriting in each layout. And, today I actually put a ton of layouts into Chloe and Connor's scrapbooks. It feels good to have them in there and ready to enjoy!


weze said...

Jennie you sure have been busy and the layouts are wonderful!It will be great memories for the twins to see when they get older.......pat yourself on the back for taking time to do this!

Mardi said...

Wow girlie you have been busy!

Anonymous said...

You've been a super busy scrapper! Great layuts!