Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy FWF Friday!

Happy Friday!
Happy FWF Day, too!

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I have a confession.
I have TONS of things
ready and waiting
to be altered. 

Ok, maybe not tons.
Plenty of things. 
A couple of drawers full of things. 

I FINALLY did something with one of those treasures. 

A daily weather board.
With the weather report by my shorties
Chloe & Connor!

I did not make the magnets industrial, super, duper strength. 
I hope they don't tear them apart 
the first time I turn my back......

Here is what you get when you have a 
90 cent (& 90% off) piece of metal
some great patterned paper and cardstock
mod podge
and some spare time to get creative.

I still need to add some Unity/Ippity stamps for other 
weather episodes.....
but considering it's storming
with tornado warnings
this will do!

Thanks for stopping!


Bogner's said...

This is so cute! What a great idea. I WOULD have to use super duper with extra duper magnets and adhesive if my Son were to get a hold of this. He took my magnets off the fridge and has dropped them so many times they came right apart! Gotta love it!

Aleks said...

Hello! Is that not the cutest thing EVER!!!! I would never have thought to make magnets with my stamps! I'm so not creative! lol Thanks for sharing this!

JenMarie said...

Oh how CUTE, I bet they love it!!

NoraAnne said...

WOW! This is so cute and so creative~love it!!!!!!