Monday, January 3, 2011

Celebrate Monday

Celebrate Monday.
Fresh start to the week.
Reflection of the weekend.
Quiet time after husband goes to work & kids go to school.

I'm joining Simple Scrapper with their Celebrate Monday dates. 
Here is info from the blog post:
Celebrate Monday is a weekly photo exercise 
designed to help you get back to basics 
and find more joy in your memory keeping.
Each week, you’ll be asked to select a photo 
and story from your everyday life to share with us 
on our Flickr group and/or on your blog. 
Then, link us up using the widget below.
The idea is simple
Strip away the extras for a small moment to center yourself 
on what is most important in your process.
Find the photo, 
tell the story, 
and be prepared for more authentic scrapbooking later in the week.

This week’s prompt:

embracing chaos

12/30/2010 Connor Diaper Head & Chloe Hippie Hair. 3 years old.
Look at you two. 
Shirtless boy. 
Pantless girl. 
Together a whole outfit.
Not to mention the diaper head.
Or the cheesy grin with your wrinkled nose.
Or the pants that are sagging with a folded over waistband.

Then there is the hippie girl headband.
 The girl who screams when I try to comb your hair. 
Who fights if I try to put a simple clip or barrette in your hair.

I later found the ball, wearing the diaper from your head, behind the bar.
The hippie headband was found in the drier, after it was washed with a load of clothes.

While each day seems the same, in a Groundhog Day movie sort of day, 
I'm thrown curve balls. 

Like this photo.
Your daddy took it.
He sent it to me when I was having some mommy time.
Glad to see you are your creative and goofy selves for others, not just me. 


Emily Leiphart said...

Aw, Jennie, what a cute photo and hilarious story! Thanks for sharing your joy!

lynn said...

so funny-love this post!

FibreJunky said...

This really makes me smile. I have quite a few of those "embracing chaos" photos. They're some of my favourites.