Wednesday, August 24, 2005

First full day of class is complete!

Today was a long day of class. Luckily we were done early in a few classes. It is nice to learn more about each class and hear about class expectations. The hard class this semester will be physiology. The exams will be difficult, to say the least. We reviewed exam question types and they are tricky. There is no room to not learn, understand and KNOW the material frontward and backward. Luckily all the the classes work on a curve, and as long as I stay with or above the pack, things will be fine.
I've found a study group, also. There will be five of us. Our first study day will start Saturday at the library. This should help all of us comprehend the material and hopefully help us all on the exams!
I've eaten at the cafeteria for both lunch and supper. While the food isn't gourmet, it will be ok while I'm here. Sure beats trying to live off microwave meals made in my dorm room.
Off to study some more.......

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