Monday, September 12, 2005


on updating this blog. I can't believe how busy I've been. I'm definately putting in 60 to 70 hours between class and study time a week. I'm almost afraid to add the hours up. I am most certainly learning things, from my perspective. The lithmus test will be the next two weeks when I have my first round of exams. Pharm on Wednesday, Chemistry on Monday and A&P on Friday. I feel ok on pharm and chemistry, but A&P is another story! I need to buckle down even more.
I'm still enjoying class, except for the occassions during ethics where we've had 8 definitions of ethics in an hour span.....toothpicks would come in handy!
It's hard to believe that I was at home a week ago. Even though last week was a short week class wise, I did A LOT between school and studying. Seems the study routines are getting easier and I'm learning to drink coffee after class to help me study late into the night.
I finally met my suite-mate. Met her outside our rooms. I'm so glad that I have a private room and can tolerate sharing the toilet and shower.
I'm planning to get out tomorrow night for a study session with my study group. Not sure where we will go, but it will be a good time to get away from campus and into a different atmosphere! It's amazing how the campus has become the focus of life.
Off to study.

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Alicia said...

so when you come back do you do clinicals at St. B???