Friday, October 14, 2005

Whew...another exam down.

I just finished another anatomy and physiology exam. I definately used all portions of my brain during this exam. The exam covered the action potention of the muscle, bones and tissues of the spinal cord and brain. Definately a thinker and it's nice to have that out of the way.
Chad will be here for a visit in a week, that will be nice.
This weekend I will be studying for chemistry. There is an exam on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm still thinking of you. Probably more now then ever, with you having the blog and my going to check it out every couple of days.

I'm glad you are getting some exams out of the way, and I hope everything is going well. You know with all this studying you are doing, I think you would be more comfortable if I sent you the pink sweat pants! Do you want me to send them your way?

Talk to you later!! Margaret

Anonymous said...

You know....I think I remember using those pink sweat pants for studying in college. Hmmm, that might be a great idea Mag. ;-)

Jennie, I am glad all seems to be going well. Keep up the great work and we are all thinking about you. Your name was brought up today at breakfast. Ella was leaning in her chair AGAIN and I said when she breaks it; she will need to buy a new one. :-) Anna said we needed 6 chairs, because if we only had 5 Jennie wouldn't be able to eat with us. Andrea was more concerned about Aunt Frita.

Keep up the great work!

{change in plans} said...

You two crack me up. I though leggings were the postage on the pants!
I need to talk to my MIL to find out about we can start planning it. It's not that far away!

{change in plans} said...

And tell Anna that's she's a sweetie for thinking of me when I visit! Does she miss me????

Anonymous said...

NO, NO, leggings are back in!! Remember the striped leg warmers. I have it from a VERY fashionable, OK, young college student that people are wearing leg warmers again. I was going to wear them at my last job, when it was too cold to wear crop pants, but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't find a pair of kangaroo shoes. The two seemed to have to go together.

I won't send them to you, because I don't want to have your luggage lost on the way back and have some weirdo find them and WONDER about you, but just know that the thought was there!!

Good luck on your test on Monday!!


Anonymous said...

Leg warmers...ewww!! I am glad you didn't wear them, but the thought/image is too much! Thanks for the laugh. Now I must ask...the pair you were thinking about wearing, are they the same pair from high school? If I remember correctly, yours were grass green/golden yellow colored...they were beautiful!