Sunday, November 27, 2005

back at school.....

I made it back to school around 7pm tonight. I was hoping to arrive sooner....but I realized I had my hubby's car and work keys in my purse about 35 miles from home.......I had to return home and restart my adventure. Luckily I missed the tornadoes on my driving route by being delayed. I did drive through some nasty storms.....and traffic was HEAVY (not over eating pumpkin pie heavy though). It was nice not having a ton of stuff to carry into my room...two trips and the car was unpacked.
I have an exam on Friday (a&p's going to be a hard one), followed by a chemistry exam on Monday the 5th, another chemistry exam on Friday the 9th, comprehensive A&P exam on Monday the 12th, and pharmacology final on Thursday the 15th. fun, fun, FUN!!!
The good news is I am returning home for good on December 15th. It was entirely too hard to leave today. I didn't want to.....just a few more weeks...just a few more weeks.....
For anyone expecting a Christmas card from us this year....don't be waiting by your mailbox for a card from us...unless Julio the Cat decides to do them for us....but remember, he doesn't have thumbs, so it may take awhile. And his fur will get caught up in the stamps and envelopes.....I can picture it now.......Life has been too darn busy for us! But it's a good thing, isn't it?
until later,

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Zac Roe said...

Hey, great blog. I've bookmarked it, so i'll keep coming back. I'll try to get mine back up, and I'll let you know when I do. Great seeing you guys over the weekend. Study hard these next couple of weeks and I'll try to do the same. Good luck on everything.