Friday, November 25, 2005


I thought it would be harder to find time to relax on break...but it's been a much needed luxury. It is so nice to be home with my husband and kitty.

We had a nice late Thanksgiving meal with our friends Becca and Charlie. Chad is doing a good job of eating the left overs.

Julio has a new toy...the shoe boxes and paper from the shoes I bought today. It doesn't take much to entertain this kitty.

Just one more full day at home.....then it's full speed ahead to the end of the semester.

I've ordered my books for next semester...thankfully I had a 15% discount from Barnes & Noble that saved me a bunch.

until later,

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Anonymous said...

at least you didnt forget about julio from hunter

I told hunter about Julio being "aloof" to you. He's been reading your blog. He wanted to write to you. Good luck back at school.