Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Free leather fanny pack and a book.....

sometimes it's nice to be a poor college the drug rep for Zemuron stopped by with gifts. A snazzy new leather (or pleather) fanny pack and a costly book. We won't get the goodies until Friday, but darn it, I like it. I already purchased the book at Barnes and Noble, but I can return it to a store within 30 days for store credit. $150 will come in handy for other books or gifts.

One class is completely finished, except for two exams. So the easy part is over, hard part yet to come.

15 more days of school. I need to use up my food/cafeteria money....the "store" actually had snacks I would eat yesterday, so I stocked up. Things sell out quite quickly, so I need to buy stuff when it's there.

Here's a photo taken off our back deck on Thanksgiving, looking at the 17th fairway of the golf course. Pretty, huh?

Ok, need to head to the computer lab and print off a tree of notes for Chemistry. There are about 200 pages to print.....for two more classes. Wonder how we will cover all of that???


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