Thursday, December 1, 2005

fire, Fire, FIRE.....

....there are a few things that annoy me (well, maybe MORE than a few...but this isn't the time for that). Loud gum chewing, shoes dragging while walking, the buzzing/clanging of a fire alarm waking you in the middle of the night....yep, at around 2:30 this morning the alarm started to go off. I was hoping it was a dream but I wasn't that lucky. I looked out the door and didn't see anyone rushing out of their room. Quick trip to the bathroom, throw on a sweatshirt and shoes and walk outside. By this time there is smoke down the arrives and fire trucks about 5 minutes later. Not sure what the cause was. Of course I had a hard time falling asleep after that. Should make for an interesting day of studying.

I had patient stimulator lab this morning (an it was not fun waiting up early). It was a busy lab, learning about nasal intubation, LMA use, SAMMTIDE pneumonic. It is the last lab until I need to go through and organize my notes over Christmas break so they are ready to go next fall.

Where is my cell phone? I was going to call my hubby a few minutes ago and seem to have misplaced it.....if you've found it, please let me know.

off to study and find my cell phone.


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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that (as a wanna-be) I'm enjoying your posts. Good luck on finals!