Friday, November 4, 2005

Happy November!

I'm not sure where the fall has gone. This has been the quickest 3 months! Which is a good thing. There is quite a bit to learn yet this semester.....My next exam is on Monday. The class was given the option to take the exam either on Friday or I'm going to hit the books hard this weekend and take the exam Monday morning. 9 exams left this semester! Then about a month off for Christmas break. Not sure if I'm going to know how to act having both Christmas Eve and Day off, along with New Year's Eve and Day OFF!
I just have class from 1-3pm today, so I plan to study quite a bit today.
Yesterday was simulator lab. I intubated and took the patient through holding area to waking up three times. It was pretty cool! I have two lab sessions next week, so it will be nice to apply what I've learned so quickly.

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