Sunday, December 4, 2005

Caffeine buzz.....

I actually woke at a decent time without an alarm. But my back was I was sort of forced to wake up. I don't realize how good our mattress at home is until I sleep in another bed. We splurged on a latex foam core mattress. I don't realize how good it is to my back until I sleep on other beds...can't wait to slumber in it again.

I arrived at Panera Bread shortly after 8am. I got my usual....Sunday paper, coffee, cinnamon crunch bagel with raspberry cream cheese. Yummy. I looked through the sales while eating, enjoying coffee with nutmeg and cinnamon. It's my new flavor boost. Chad is even doing it at home. I started adding apple pie spice to the coffee grounds when home at Christmas, and it adds a nice warmth to the coffee. After 4 cups of coffee....I have a nice buzz....I don't even want to know what my blood pressure is. I haven't had any PVC's, so I haven't overdone it! I did review my chemistry notes and started answering pharm review questions. I want to finish the questions today.

I think I have the five year itch......I've been wearing my wedding ring every day, never taking it off, and I'm getting a rash.....I hope it's just from not taking it off an not a reaction to gold. I can't wear gold earrings....I can tolerate sterling silver for short periods of time and am able to wear platinum without a problem. Unfortunately platinum is not only expensive, but it's hard to find earings in platinum (I'm sure I'm just not looking hard enough or checking the higher end stores...which I can't afford right now anyway!). I'm taking a break from my ring today and hoping that it will heal a little. I feel naked without my ring.....

ok, off for brunch in the cafeteria.


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