Monday, December 5, 2005

Dear Fellow Classmate....

(even though I know you won't be reading this),
It seems that you feel the need to leave the room during an exam. Friday, you left the room before you were finished with part one of the exam, returned to the room and continued to work on part one of the exam. What part of the rules of the exam did you not understand? The only break we are allowed is between part one and part two of the exam. What rules are you following?
Today, you left the room (and quite loudly at that, even with my earplugs) 25 minutes from the start of the exam. If you have a bladder infection, would you please get it checked out? You could at least sit closer to the door, as to not distract the entire room.
Remind me not to sit next to you for the remaining exams.

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