Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ever think about....

hitting someone over the head with a roll of wrapping paper???? Honestly, you have, haven't you? I had some God awful idea that I needed to go to Target, TODAY, TWO weeks before Christmas....wrong decision. I think I got cut off for a parking spot at least 3 times. Merry ****** Christmas to you, lady in your big honking SUV. And inside the store, each village idiot was shopping for gifts, with their family idiots, for gifts, mostly at the dollar spot. Sweet!

Aside from my self induced hypertensive event today, I've been studying. Shocking, huh? Two exams left. A&P on Monday, comprehensive. 25% from each unit. All multiple choice (which is really A, B, C, D:two of the above, or E: two or more of the above). Not fill in the blanks. Apparently it's pretty reasonable, according to the professor. We shall see. As long as I score in the mid 80's, I will have a B for the class. In hindsite, I could have done better. I've realized if you doubt yourself and go into the exam thinking you will do poorly, you likely will. It's amazing how negative self talk effects test performance.

Thursday is the final comprehensive pharmacology final. 70 questions. 50 questions from the last section (coagulation, corticosteriods, NSAIDS, GI drugs and antiseizure drugs) and 5 questions from each previous test section. My time Monday afternoon to Wednesday night will be filled with studying, packing, studying some more.

I've started to pack.....the clothes basket is full of clean clothes. Mostly clean clothes (you know, not clean, but not dirty enough to wash) on a pile incase I need to do laundry, so I'm not doing a partial load. Christmas gifts separated so I don't need to dig through everything to sort them out when I get home. All the drawers of clothes are cleaned out. I will do a little more each day.

Missing home, my husband, Julio the Cat, our bed.

Missing coffee on the weekends, reading the paper.

Missing Thursday night CSI dates with Chad.

Missing home.


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