Friday, December 9, 2005

five more vitamin days.......

So here is my handy, dandy vitamin box. Compliments of Targets dollar spot. You see that? Only five more days of vitamins before I head home! How is that for motivation? Luckily, my (not so) little mix of vitamins has kept me fairly healthy this's amazing what compulsive handwashing, along with vitamins can do for a person.

Five more nights in dorm bliss (not). I'm not going to miss one night in the saggy, icky twin bed or one more time in the old icky tile wearing my flip-flops shower or one more meal in the extra fat and simple carbohydrate, ultra MSG flavored cafeteria food (sorry ladies). I've consumed food I would never prepare in my own home....steak fingers, chicken fries.....And I've got the grad student weight gain to prove it, darn it.....

Anyone wanting a pair of flip-flops, a twin bed sheet and foam's going in the garbage next week.

Ok. Too many posts from me on one day. I need to study some more, hit the saggy mattress and study some more tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

i am the one that emailed you at the beginning of this semester. i am at TCU and preparing to take finals next week also. I have enjoyed reading your blog and hope that you continue it next semester.

This semester has gone by really fast and I am sure the others will as well. Good luck to you and God bless you and your family.

Jeff RRNA at TCU

{change in plans} said...

Good luck with finals! Can you believe the crazy ride?
I plan to continue updating my mean you are not sick of it yet?
Happy Holidays,