Friday, December 9, 2005


What motivates you?

I'm not motivated lately. I've hit the end of semester slump. Just make it end. Is it over yet???? How many more exams????

I've been warned by students who have survived that the first year kicks you in the butt. I've also been told if I can keep chugging through the full load of classes for the first year, the last 16 months of clinical are a piece of cake (compared to full-time class work). I know I can do this, but it's getting darn hard. I almost wish we didn't have such a long turkey break so we could have finished sooner....

What motivates me?
Looking at the amount of loans generated for school.
Looking forward, to life after school. Moving. Getting a new job. Buying a new (bigger) house.
Getting a new job.
Working in the OR again, but this time as a CRNA.
Returning home to my hubby and not living in the dorm EVER AGAIN.
If I fail, I return to bedside nursing. Not the worst, mind you. But burn-out was moving in on me.....

I received a move out notice for the dorm tonight. Quietly slipped under my door while I was studying. The note states that if I plan to move out this semester (I DO) that I need to be moved out and checked out no later than 4pm Wednesday the 14th. My last final is Thursday the 15th. Ok, is the school going to provide a place for me to sleep and guard for my car (so someone doesn't try to go Christmas shopping by breaking into my car), which will be packed with all my lovely belongings?I didn't think so. Apparently the school policy is to move out the day before finals are over....not for me. I'm paying enough in darn tuition.

ok, off my soap box.

Believe me, I knew this was not going to be a piece of cake. But between being away from my husband for too darn long and needing a break from studying.........need to remember my motivation.

Ok, my coffee is kicking in. More studying to do.

Stay motivated.

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Anonymous said...

You know, we were just talking about motivation at my training last Friday. I'm beginning to think that motivation is all relative. For some of our students it's reading simple books. For you it's getting through this semester!

And just think after this is all done you get to come home for you holiday visit. :)

Take a deep breath, eat those vitamins, and practice filling in those circles!!