Wednesday, January 4, 2006


Ok, I was organizing my desk area to be ready for school when it starts...and decided I needed to frame my BSN diploma. But not just slap it in a frame and be done with it....nope. I had to use some of my handy, dandy scrap supplies. It looks better than just slapping it into the frame, doesn't it? Now I need to see if hubby will let me fix his up and we can get them both on the wall....along with all our other awards and accomplishments! Hey, there are not many, but might as well brag about our cheesy high school winnings, huh?
And, yes, I did edit to hide my true identity so my crazy blog readers do not find out my TRUE roots! Ha!
Ok, back to organizing.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie, your diploma looks read nice, yes, you should do this to all of them and have an awards wall,,what do you think? Love you, Mom