Saturday, January 7, 2006

Organizing with Chad.

Organizing the garage has been on our to-do weekend task list and we got it done today. Chad played 18 holes of golf this morning, when he got home we headed out there. It is much better and organized! The garbage bin is FULL...luckily we didn't have a problem throwing things out. Makes cleaning easier.
After I catch up with e-mail, I'm going to scrap some pages. I have been wanting to do it since I've been off school, and except for a few days ago, I haven't done anything. I'm hoping to have some time to do it once school starts...but you never know.
I'm waiting for my classes to be placed on WebCT so I can start printing stuff off. Not yet, so I'm hoping it will be up on Monday. Class starts Wednesday. My classes this semester include A and P II, Pharmacology II, Nursing Research, and Special Topics in A and P. Should be a hard, but interesting semester! I'm looking forward to getting back to school.
Monday afternoon I'm meeting one of the junior students to see our classroom and so we know where to go. There will be two of us at the distance site, so there should be no distractions!

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