Tuesday, February 28, 2006

so much to learn.....

so much to know, sort out, understand, comprehend......I am in desparate need of a massage....The heating pad had become my friend and helps to loosen the muscles after a night of poor posture slouched over my notes.
I'm reviewing A&P lectures for the next exam. There is a ton of info regarding pulmonary physiology, breathing, lung functions and capacities. The entire exam will cover respiration, along with part of the next exam. Yikes!
5 hours of class tomorrow. 2 hours of a&p, 3 hours (or more) of research. Class was cancelled last week, so who knows how long it will be tomorrow......
Date night with Chad tomorrow night. I'm heading out of town Thursday morning and he's on his own until Sunday evening. I think we are heading out to our favorite BBQ place. We haven't been there in forever....can't even remember when.....might be over 5 months.
I had my 2 month measure and weigh in at curves. Lost just under 5 inches, but no change in weight or body fat percent. I haven't been going 3 days a week consistently, that is my goal for this month, along with eating better. Chocolate has been my friend lately. Seems it can cure anything!
Ok, one more lecture to watch, then I'm heading to bed to review some flashcards I made for A&P.

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