Wednesday, March 1, 2006

why I became a nurse.....

soon to be followed by why I want to be a nurse anesthetist.

In 1983, I was sick. I don't remember all the details, but remember trying different pills the doctor prescribed. This led up to the day I had a lung tap as the little hospital in town. The doctor told me they'd let me know when they were going to do it. But while I was being held down, I could see the big old needle go into my left side.....thick, gelatinous fluid was remove.....we drove to a larger hospital an hour away. I sat in the back of our red Omni with a styrofoam cooler full of the yellow gunk on my lap. Several chest tubes, may IV's, a CT scan or two, a couple hibacleanse showers, surgery, a piece of tape on my butt check (not sure why I remember that), almost losing my retainer (gasp), and 10 days later I returned home. Sore and probably pretty crabby. The chest tubes attempted to drain the fluid, but didn't quite do it. Left thoracotomy was needed to remove the gunk. Followed by another chest tube (or two). My worst experience was the x-ray teck pushing on the chest tubes during an x-ray....the pain was terrible, but I didn't say anything....I remember a student nurse helping me walk in the hall one day. After than experience, I wrote a paper on becoming a neonatal nurse. I got an A on the paper.
Fast forward to high school. Art class was my favorite class. My chemistry teacher suggested I apply for a scholarship at a nearby nursing school. I didn't think I could do it. I went to nursing school for 3 semesters, dropped out at the start of the 4th semester. I was going to continue with the classes, but had added and dropped. Dropped the art classes, added science classes. Thanksfully, the chemistry professor mentioned that the college I was planning to transfer to did not accept science transfer credits. By this point, I realized I was more craftsy than artsy. Art no more. I dropped all my classes, moved out of the dorm and moved in with my sister. I renewed my CNA license and worked as a nursing assistant for the next 6 months. I applied to the local 4 year college, took classes for a year, but was not accepted into the nursing school. At the same time I applied to the local technical college for their ADN program. I was accepted the day school started (was previously on the wait list). Two years later, in May 1997, I graduated with my associate's degree in nursing. Eight years after that, I finally earned my bachelor's degree in nursing. The funny thing is, I probably had enough credits to earn a doctorate...just not in the right things!

Ok, need to get ready for class.....more later.

to be continued....

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Anonymous said...

Wow that's interesting...can't wait to read the rest. I can relate to the part about having enough credits to have a doctorate-just not the right ones!