Monday, March 6, 2006

still alive.....

I returned home from the weekend conference last night. Needless to say, it was a VERY dissapointing conference. I will remember that if I ever need to plan a conference in the future. But I did get my money back in pens, post it pads, scrub hats, meals, ect. Just wish the conference would have been better planned. Oh, well.
On to studying for the second A&P exam that will be on Friday. It covers pulmonary physiology. I missed study time this weekend, so am hoping to pull some long nights making up for it. Need to start drinking the caffeine now. ........
Spring break starts Friday. We are heading out of town for the weekend, visiting wineries, eating cheese, drinking wine, relaxing. My sister and brother in law are meeting us. I expect it will be an entertaining weekend.
I'll catch up after the exam on Friday.

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julie said...

Hi jennie,
why was it bad...the conference?
Some states don't have good ones. Was it a state conference? See. I'm keeping track of you now.