Tuesday, March 7, 2006

full study day.....

Between study breaks, I've read e-mail and cleaned out my in box. As much as an extra week of study time would help (in my school fantasy world) I'm not sure I would want to delay the exam any more. I never would have thought that pulmonary physiology would involve so many different concepts/ideas/laws/numbers/ect. But, knowing this information will be the basis of my job. It will determine how to provide the best care for a patient with obstuctive lung disease versus restrictive lung disease versus a normal lung. Unit 3 for anatomy and physiology will be more structure/anatomy based. I have never had a class that separates and explains anatomy and physiology to such depth.

Two more months until the end of the semester. Two more months. Almost half way through the semester.....it's hard to believe. Seems like August was just a short time ago. It will be time to graduate before I know iw (knock on wood).

Ok, more studying to do.....

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