Monday, March 27, 2006

When the spouse is away

The cat may not get fed as early as HE'd like to be fed....luckily Julio the Cat was content to lay on a pillow next to me, watching me sleep until I was ready to feed him. He's such a good kitty.

I also can hog ALL the pillows (and I did, all 6 of them) and sprawl out on the king size bed, except where Julio the Cat was laying, which was usually between my legs.

I can also leave the bathroom fan on....just to mask any bumps in the night. I did turn off the ice maker, so that cuts down on any strange noises which may wake me from a dead sleep....

But it's not worth all the alone's gonna be a long week.

Hubby is safely in China. He called while I was taking my exam this morning. He sounded tired, but not sure how much was due to static from long distance/satellite wireless service.

I had a select topics in anatomy and physiology exam this morning. Feel ok on it. Hopefully the grades will be up later this week after the test is returned to school and scanned in. It's only 50 questions...but am hoping for a similar grade as last exam.

I have a pharmacology exam Friday. The new material is inhalation agents, along with cumulative stuff. It's 90 questions.....previous exam was 50-ish. Should be interesting.

Ok, need to re-watch today's A&P lecture. We are almost done with this unit. The exam on this unit is April 7th.

It's hard to believe this semester is winding's scary and encouraging all at the same time.

On a fun/non-school note: a new mall is opening this week in town. It's supposed to be larger than any other mall in the state (that's not saying much) and larger than those in the large city an hour or so from here. Should be interesting. I'm going to a fundraiser/pre-opening at Dillard's tomorrow night with friends. It's supposed to be a top notch store, better and larger than the flagship store. I tell you, and anyone who knows me can attest to this, I could easily be a professional shopper! Live for it. I could spend all day (if I had the time) digging through the clearance racks.....I've even had friends make fun of me watching me do's a talent!

Ok, off to study.

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Shopaholic said...

So, what did you think of the new mall???? lol, just wondering if I need to come check it out.