Saturday, April 1, 2006

29 airplane hours later....

My husband is back at home. I could not even imagine spending 29 hours either in transit, waiting for transit, transitions or driving. I'm sure I've spelled a word or two wrong there...Forgive me.
But he's home safe.
More studying to do. My group has a research presentation on Wednesday. Our topic is fires in the OR. I'm putting together my power point presentation right now. It's the first time I've done one, but so far it's pretty easy. Let's hope there are no user errors during the presentation!
The 3rd A&P exam is Friday. I need to kick butt on it. Need to bring up my score a little. I'm still in the game, but want to ensure my spot on the team.
The weather was beautiful today. I was outside on the deck, sunning and studying. I did get a burn, after only being out for an hour or so. The joys of having ultra-pale retina blinding skin. You could put an IV in my upper arms viewing the veins clear as you know why I want some color to my skin!
Ok, need to attempt get through all my A&P notes tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to finish my research presentation and dig deeper into the A&P notes.

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