Tuesday, April 18, 2006

lumberjacks invade.

I'm trying to get the studying started...but it's slow to start today. I have an A&P lecture ready to view for my entertaining pleasure.....
But, there are no less than 10 men outside taking care of a couple trees in our yard. They started a little before 8am. One tree was pretty dead, and Chad must have asked about the second tree on his way to work, as they are now working on that one. It's gonna look different without those trees, but we still have 8 or so in our little yard. And we won't need to worry about branches falling on our house or the neighbors.
Need to have a random drug test today for school. Need to do it before 4pm. I think I'll listen to a lecture, shower then head out to run errands, donate urine, and work out. I need to get back on the Curve wagon. I exercised yesterday, just need to go 3 or more times a day.

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